Matka-Journey 2005

What is time? Where are we going? Where is our destination?
I try to catch the time passing by, understand the events around me, rewind and play in slow motion. This work is more like a visual mantra than story with clear beginning and ending. This is for the memory of my grandfather, Isoli.

Moving between parallel dimensions and worlds. Constant metamorphosis. A living Rorschach inkblot test.

2015 Motion Art, Richard Eversley, Kendra Fleischman, Lotta-Pia Kallio, Heidi Eversley, Electronic Art Gallery, Colorado State University, Department of Art and Art History

2011 20.documentArt, a review of european experimental video, Szczecin, Poland

2010  Culture center Crusell, Uusikaupunki

2009   Paraller worlds -Paraller dimensions, ScalaMata gallery, Venezia, Italy, Exhibition parallel to the 53rd Venice Art Biennale (J)

2009   ArtAroundSalo, Kaunasis, Lithuania

2009   ArtAroundSalo, Kehrä, Estonia

2008   ArtAroundSalo, Nagyganizsa, Hungary

2007   ArtAroundSalo, Puccheim, Germany

2007   ArtAroundSalo, Taidelainaamo gallery, Salo

2006   Stil-Quiet-Hiljaa 00130Gallery, Helsinki


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