Video art

My Video works touch the idea of Gesamtkunstwerk, I don´t work with big productions. I make all elements of the video myself: Paintbrushes, clothes, masks. ect. Each element works also independently as artworks. I film usually alone with actress and edit videos myself. That way I can work with my idea and let it develop in time.” 

En Poudre (Visuaalinen sonaatti parille peruukille ja kahdelle kilolle vehnäjauhoja) 2022

Two characters, dressed in rococo costumes made from book pages and wigs made from sheep’s wool, powder themselves and each other. The behavior that seems restrained at the beginning accelerates and becomes more furious, but also comical as the video progresses. At the end, characters in the video are all covered in wheat flour powder. In this video one can see references to an appearance pressure and competition, both in Rococo in the abundant use of powder at the expense of one’s own health, and to modern selfie culture and editing one’s appearance. Beneath the seemingly comical action, there are also more serious undertones. Duration: 04:45min.

Stillkuva:Päivi Kankare

Linnea 2018

Animation made from pictures of old school herbariums of Nordic Flora to honor the diversity of nothern nature. Constantly moving symmetrical formation remains also gothic rose windows.

Hotelli 2017
by Lotta-Pia Kallio and Timo A. Aalto 2016

Light- music- and videoinstallation in an old grain silo in Wiurila manor. Based on traditional ghoststories

Wasure-Gai – Onnade calligraphy – Okashi 2015

Building a Sacred Tree 2012

Wiurilan Varjot 2010-2011

Matka – Journey, Raja – Line 2005