En Poudre (Visuaalinen sonaatti parille peruukille ja kahdelle kilolle vehnäjauhoja) 2022

Two characters, dressed in rococo costumes made from book pages and wigs made from sheep’s wool, powder themselves and each other. The behavior that seems restrained at the beginning accelerates and becomes more furious, but also comical as the video progresses. At the end, characters in the video are all covered in wheat flour powder. In this video one can see references to an appearance pressure and competition, both in Rococo in the abundant use of powder at the expense of one’s own health, and to modern selfie culture and editing one’s appearance. Beneath the seemingly comical action, there are also more serious undertones. Duration: 04:45min.

Made to Wiurilan Kesä exhibition 2022

Stillkuva: Päivi Kankare

Stillkuva: Päivi Kankare


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