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No onkos tullut kesä -media installation in Salo city Hall november 2017 with light designer Timo A. Aalto 

Linnea is an animation made from pictures of old school herbariums. Constantly moving symmetrical formation remains also gothic rose windows. 

Carl von Linné 1707 –1778,  was a Swedish botanist, physician, and zoologist who formalised the modern system of naming organisms. He is known as the "father of modern taxonomy.

Linnaeus developed his classification of the plant kingdom in an attempt to describe and understand the natural world as a reflection of the logic of God's creation. He is frequently quoted to have said: "God created, Linnaeus organized" (Latin: Deus creavit, Linnaeus disposuit). The classification of animals was more natural. For instance, humans were for the first time placed together with other primates, as anthropomorpha.


































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