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My works are often surrealistic, they challenge the viewer to look different perspective. I have a masters degree in craft science, but in my artistic work I like to experiment and “break the learned rules”. I use different techniques and materials: stain textile with rust, wine, tea, coffee charcoal etc. or use acrylics, oil and spray paint. I also use different kinds of graphic methods to transfer the image on the textile.

I manly embroider by hand. The slowliness gives me time to think and focus. Stitches connect parts togerher.  At my latest textiles I have worked with the idea and ritual of wrapping and unwrappind, caring and controlling. Wrap protects and holds a seacret. It can also be dominanting. I have used broken toys and wrapped them in layers of cloth that I have colored with ink, oilpaint and spray and handembroidery. The working process itself is a ritual, items,  used broken toys, change shape and are born into another creatures.












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