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An artisan and Master of Education. Graduated art teacher from the University of Art and Design and currently works as an artist and visual arts lecturer. Has participated in both domestic and foreign exhibitions since 1996. Her works are in the private and public collections for example at Art Museums of Nagykaniza, Hungary and city of Salo and Helsinki, Finland.

I am interested in small stories and traces left by different events. My favourite materials and media are textile and video. My works are often surrealistic, they challenge the viewer to look different perspective. "My works often reflect the past: I try to catch the time passing by. Understand the events around me, rewind and play in slow motion. My videos are more like a visual mantras or a moving painting than a stories with clear beginning and ending.

I have graduated in Helsinki University craft science but in my artistic work I like to experiment and “break the learned rules”. I use different techniques and materials. I stain textile with rust, wine, tea, coffee charcoal etc. or use acrylics, oil and spray paint. I also use different kinds of graphic methods to transfer the image on the textile.

I manly embroider by hand. The slowliness gives me time to think and focus. Stitches connect parts togerher.  At my latest textiles I have worked with the idea and ritual of wrapping and unwrappind, caring and controlling. Wrap protects and holds a seacret. It can also be dominanting. I have used broken toys and wrapped them in layers of cloth that I have colored with ink, oilpaint and spray and handembroidery. The working process itself is a ritual: used broken toys change shape and are born into another creatures.                                                                 


























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